I'm an almost-forty-year-old father of three who wonders what we've done to our planet when it seems allergies in kids are more common than freckles and why there are more tigers in Texas than in the wild?

Wouldn't we all like to be fin free?@finfreeedmonton

Neanderthals, humans didn't make whoopee, study says - Technology & Science - CBC News

Ebola outbreak tests local surveillance : Nature News & Comment

#CBCNews RT: A scathing U.S. government report on the 2010 Enbridge oil spill in the Kalamazoo River, Mich., has yet to be entered as evidence into the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline hearings, a B.C. economist says.

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Bettman sets Sept. 15 deadline for NHL lockout

Oh dear.  Might be forced to watch athletes play for the love of the game and the promise of where it might take them.  

Something for nothing, and the credit's for free — the Federal Government's attempt to take credit for emissions reductions #davidsuzuki #climatechange #canpoli

The War of 1812 doesn't define 'my' Canada, does it for you? #canpoli

PLoS ONE: Serological Evidence of Ebola Virus Infection in Indonesian Orangutans

Whoa - this is a surprise!